What is a planning proposal?

    A planning proposal is a document sent to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure by Council, requesting permission to amend Council’s key planning instrument, the Local Environmental Plan. For Wagga, this is known as the Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 2010, or commonly referred to as the Wagga Wagga ‘LEP’. The LEP contains a series of clauses and maps and includes the zoning for all land within the Local Government Area.

    What is the aim of the planning proposal?

    The aim of the planning proposal is to provide opportunities for future development to achieve the most-efficient design outcome and also to align the zoning of the site with its intended use. Bunnings, which is currently located on the corner of Dobney Street and Pearson Street has indicated interest in relocating to the subject site.

    What is the justification for the proposed rezoning?

    The subject land was originally zoned for public open space under the Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 1985 and Wagga Development Control Plan 1986. The DCP at the time indicated a plantation strip along the highway frontage of the site. Currently a row of vegetation exists within the roadway corridor, but not within the subject land. The current RE1 Public Recreation Zone therefore does not reflect the existing environment or land uses on the site.

    Despite the RE1 zoning there is no identified public purpose on the land that upholds that zoning, nor is it anticipated the subject land will be used for public recreation under any current strategic planning documents. Due to the prominence of the site at the western gateway into the city, it is important to achieve an attractive streetscape presence. This can be achieved through the current development controls under Section 10.5 of the Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 without the need of the RE1 Public Recreation Zone.

    These controls require landscaping along both Sturt Highway and Pearson Street. The controls also provide guidelines for the design of future buildings to promote attractive business development.