Why does Council do a community survey?

    The community survey allows us to capture information on what our community thinks of our overall performance and identify what is important to them. This helps Council identify priorities for the future. 

    What does that data get used for?

    The data will help inform the priorities in Council’s annual planning process and development of the Combined Delivery Program and Operational Plan. The data also help us report on the progress towards the Community Strategic Plan 2040 - Wagga View. Lastly, the community survey allows Council to benchmark against how we have previously performed as well as against other councils.

    When can I view the results?

    The results will be launched in November 2017. The report will be available on Council’s website. You can view past community surveys here.

    What happens to my personal data?

    Your personal details are used to ensure that we capture demographic and profile information which is important for us to understand the priorities of different parts of our community. If you complete the survey online, we will also ask you for your email address. This is to ensure each community member submits one survey. You will receive an email from us thanking you for participating but will receive not further correspondence from us unless you register.