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09 Jul 2014

Niyambaa - squirrel glider

This Environmental Conservation area is a known habitat of Squirrel Gliders which are part of the listed Endangered Population in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area.  Squirrel Gliders are small grey native marsupials about 200mm long with a thick bushy tail nearly 300mm long.  Like other gliders, Squirrel Gliders have a gliding membrane which extends from the front legs to the back legs and they can glide up to 80m.

Birri - White Box

Since European settlement the area of white box woodland has been greatly reduced state-wide and only about 2% of the original woodland remains.  The remaining White Box vegetation is classed as Endangered and this area in Lloyd will enhance the conservation of the vegetation community.

Birramal - the bush

The bush was important to the Wiradjuri Aborigines. The timber was used for fires, tools, weapons and the bark was used shelter and containers.  Plants comprised about 80% of the Australian traditional diet.  These plant foods were about 28% fruit, 30% seed and 42% roots.

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