What is the Cultural Plan?

    Wagga Wagga’s future is an exciting one, full of changes and challenges. Our population is set to reach 100,000, while unprecedented investment in industry, agriculture and communications transform our region.

    This new growth brings new opportunities: new cultural facilities, a more expansive program of arts and events, and opportunities for a thriving creative sector to spread innovation throughout our community. Digital disruption, growing demands on existing facilities and services, and increasing diversity can all be harnessed to the community’s advantage if we are ready for them.

    This Plan is for all of us. It responds to our community’s expressed needs right now and their hopes for a brighter future. It is intended to benefit residents and visitors, bringing new opportunities for economic development, city vibrancy, personal expression and neighbourhood connectiveness. In this Plan, you’ll find projects and programs for every part of our lives:

    • the festivals, celebrations and events we attend,

    • the galleries, museums, theatres and libraries that we visit and explore,

    • the community groups, clubs and societies that educate, entertain and connect us,

    • the vibrancy and liveability of our city, including entertainment and live music day and night,

    • opportunities for creative workers and businesses, and

    • the collections, histories and stories that set our community apart.

    This Plan is a vision for a city constantly growing in population, diversity and ambition. It brings together ideas and proposals from thousands of residents, arts and culture groups and creative business people, all gathered through an extensive consultation process. It’s a Plan that will channel the efforts of many players – our community arts groups, our libraries, galleries and museums, our education institutions, and more – towards the common goal of making the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area an even better place to live, work and create.

    This is an ambitious plan that outlines the role arts and culture can play in realising the community’s vision.

    What is the Definition and Scope of the Plan?

    The term ‘culture’ is used in many ways and in many different contexts. Most broadly, it can encompass all activities and shared values of a community; or more narrowly, it can refer only to the arts and heritage, with many definitions in between.

    In the development of this Cultural Plan, ‘culture’ is used to refer to the creative expressions and resources of our community:

    • The preservation and appreciation of our tangible and intangible heritage (including diverse cultural traditions, the built and landscaped environments, and collections of artefacts and artworks)
    • Engagement with the arts as creators, presenters, participants and audiences (including performing arts, visual arts, crafts, literature and film)
    • The creative industries in production and consumption (including architecture, design, animation and media)
    • Infrastructure supporting these and other creative activities, including institutions, venues and community organisations

    In its geographical scope, this Cultural Plan will focus primarily on activities within the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area (LGA). However, it is acknowledged that Wagga Wagga is a cultural hub for the entire Riverina. Organisations based in the city operate throughout the region, and residents from outside the city engage with cultural activities here in multiple roles.

    This Cultural Plan is being developed by Wagga Wagga City Council in consultation with the community, and on behalf of all residents, visitors and participants in our city’s culture and creative life. The outcomes to be incorporated in this Plan are thus not only those defined by Wagga Wagga City Council, but envisioned and accomplished by all our community.

    How does the Cultural Plan fit into Council Planning Framework?

    The Wagga Wagga City Council Cultural Plan 2020-30 is a Level 2 Strategy for Wagga Wagga City Council, which will provide direction to the organisation’s four-year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan, as prescribed by the NSW Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework.

    This Plan is informed by the Community Strategic Plan 2040 – Wagga View and sits alongside other Level 2 Strategies developed by Council to guide the development of our community, including the Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy, the Activation Strategy and Spatial Plan, the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, and the Reconciliation Action Plan.

    This Plan is also aligned to key strategies of the NSW and Australian Governments, including the NSW Premier’s Priorities and State Priorities, the NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework, Create in NSW, the NSW Cultural Infrastructure Plan, the NSW Riverina Murray Regional Plan 2036 and A 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW.