What is the cost and how is it funded?

    The estimated total cost of the project is $10.6M and has been funded by the Federal Government ($4.9M through the Bridges Renewal Program) and State Government ($4.9M through the Fixing Country Roads fund).

    How will this affect traffic?

    The closure will mean changed traffic conditions and alternate routes for motorists, heavy transport operators, businesses and residents accessing and leaving the North Wagga and Bomen areas. Road users are urged to plan extra time for journeys to and from these areas.

    There will be increased traffic through the centre of Wagga Wagga along the Sturt Highway to the Bomen Industrial Park and connections to the Olympic Highway. Most traffic will divert along the Olympic Highway and across the Gobbagombalin Bridge to access Bomen from the west.

    What are the key benefits of the upgrade?

    ·  Upgrade will create a new route for HML vehicles, reducing heavy vehicle traffic in Wagga Wagga CBD

    ·  New route has the potential to save up to 36 minutes or 21 kilometres for HML vehicles on a round trip (HML Vehicles include six-axle semi-trailers, B-Doubles, B-Triples, Type 1A-Double road trains and AB Triples)

    ·  Bridge will conform to a rating SM1600

    ·  Upgraded infrastructure will integrate with existing transport networks

    ·  Bridge will be a key link for the Wagga Wagga High Productivity Freight Route linking the Olympic Highway to the Bomen Business Park and Riverina Intermodal Freight & Logistics (RiFL) Hub

    ·  Build capacity for future growth – heavy vehicle traffic is expected to grow by 45% between 2013 and 2025