Have your say on draft revised Wagga Wagga Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

Residents are invited to have their say on the draft revised Wagga Wagga Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.

The draft revised study and plan investigates potential mitigation options for flooding from the Murrumbidgee River in Wagga Wagga, and, makes recommendations on how the city should manage flood risks into the future.

The study area modelled for the draft revised study and plan stretches from 5km upstream of Oura to Malebo Gap downstream – a total river length of 63km.

Last night Councillors resolved to place the draft revised study and plan on public exhibition from today until November 21 2017, and invite public submissions on the draft document.

Residents can view the draft document and make a submission at www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/waggafloodplain

“Wagga Wagga is a community that lives and works on a floodplain, so it’s vitally important we are managing flood risks now and into the future,” Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Councillor Greg Conkey OAM said.

“The last Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for Wagga Wagga was completed in 2009. Since this time there has been two moderate flood events at Wagga, in 2010 and 2012, and a minor event last year.

“As well as gaining vital information from these events, there has also been major advancements in flood modelling technology, allowing a much larger area to be modelled to a greater degree of accuracy.

“A Detailed Flood Model Revision was conducted in 2014, and this draft revised document follows on from this information.”

Recommendations in the revised study and plan have been put forward by the Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee.

The committee is made up of voting members, including community members and Councillors, and non-voting members, including third-party organisations and Council staff.

The recommendations have been developed through advice, studies and analysis put forward by flood and water management specialists from WMA Water.

What has the Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee recommended?

Two major options that have been recommended for inclusion in the revised study and plan are to:

· Complete a feasibility study to investigate a Voluntary House Raising and Voluntary Purchase Scheme for the Wagga Wagga study area

· Complete a feasibility study to further investigate an upgrade of North Wagga Levee to 1 in 20 year level of protection with access upgrade to Hampden Avenue and conveyance improvements through Wilks Park.

“It has been proposed to complete feasibility studies together for both options to determine if either option is practical and appropriate, and which option is preferred,” Cr Conkey said.

“It is important to remember that these recommendations are not final. There are still a number of processes to follow before anything is implemented or any works are carried out.”

Other flood mitigation measures recommended for inclusion in the revised study and plan include:

· Long-term infrastructure upgrades to improve access between Wagga Wagga, Oura and Gumly Gumly via Oura Road, Wiradjuri Bridge and the Sturt Highway

· Targeted vegetation management activities

· Improved flood response strategies

· Flood-related planning policies

Detailed information on each of the options being recommended are available in the draft Study and Plan at www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/waggafloodplain

Have your say

A series of community pop-in sessions will be held during the public exhibition period. These sessions will include displays and information about the draft revised Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for community members to further understand the study, plan and recommendations being put forward for inclusion.

“I strongly encourage residents within the Wagga Wagga floodplain area to attend one of the pop-in sessions, meet with members of the project team and have any questions they have about the draft revised study and plan clarified,” Cr Conkey said.

“Anyone can make a public submission, and as per the recommendation put to the Council on Monday, Council staff will also be making a formal submission in response to the draft documentation.

“On conclusion of the exhibition period, all submissions will be considered in the final study and plan, which will be presented back to Council in the coming months.”

The sessions will start in November, dates and locations of these sessions will be advertised soon. In addition to these sessions, the draft revised study and plan is available now online at www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/waggafloodplain

Flood management – what else is happening in the Local Government Area?

Flood management affects all Wagga Wagga residents, and, Wagga Wagga City Council is committed to working towards long-term actions and conversations with the community about all aspects of flood management.

In addition to the draft revised Wagga Wagga Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, the following flood management projects and studies are either underway or in progress:

· Stage 1 Main City Levee upgrade – www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/levee

· Stage two of the Wagga Wagga Major Overland Flow Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

· Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plans for Tarcutta, Ladysmith and Uranquinty. Funding for these individual studies was successful received through the Floodplain Grants Scheme in August 2017

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