October 2019

Carbon Mate Access Road

A new, sealed, heavy vehicle access road is being constructed to allow Carbon Mate access to their new larger leased site on the western side of the GWMC.

March 2020

Expansion of Gas Capture Capability & Gas Powered Evaporator (early 2020)

Extending the existing gas capture network into three more waste cells will increase methane gas extraction levels

Methane will be burnt off in the existing gas flare. When burnt, methane produces carbon dioxide. Methane is roughly 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas than carbon dioxide.

Expected completion: Early 2020

December 2020

Weighbridge Relocation (late 2020)

A new weighbridge will be constructed closer to the main entrance into the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre. It will include:

- Shelter over the office and weighbridge decks
- Weighbridge office with disabled access and accessible toilet/shower
- Staff & visitor carpark with accessible parking
- B – Double inward bound and outward bound weighbridge decks which will allow for more efficient and accurate measurement of waste

Expected completion - Late 2020
December 2021

Community Recycling Centre (late 2021)

The Community Recycling Centre program is an initiative of the NSW Government, which aims to make it easy to safely dispose of materials that are hazardous to the environment or to public health.

The Community Recycling Centre will provide a place for the community to dispose of the following items free of charge:

- Household and vehicle batteries
- Water based paints
- Oil-based paints
- Motor oil
- Other oils including cooking oils
- Smoke detectors
- Fluorescent tubes and lamps
- Gas cylinders
- Fire extinguishers

Expected completion: Late 2021

September 2019

Cardboard Compactor - Completed

A new compactor will be installed to replace the aging sole-product cardboard compactor with the objective to increase capacity to meet rising demand, and improve efficiency. The new compactor will process a variety of recyclable items such as hard plastic, plastic bottles, tin and aluminium cans as well as cardboard. The bales will be transported to recycling facilities for processing.