October 2019

Council resolved at the 28 October Council meeting to extend the trial to April 2020.

November 2018

Council vote to proceed with Ultrasound trial

Wagga Wagga City Council voted at its 29 October meeting to proceed with a 12-month trial period of the Envirosonic Ultrasound system which has the potential to control cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) to safe levels. The Envirosonic units are solar powered and will be installed on pontoons anchored to the bottom of the lake. Read more about the pilot project here.
October 2018

Tatton Drain works hit snag

The temporary Tatton Drain stormwater diversion into Lake Albert has hit a major stumbling block and work cannot start until it receives State Government approval. Read full media release.
March 2018

Remodelling of Tatton Drain completed

The remodeling of the Tatton drain catchment has been completed identifying the volume of water that is produced by the catchment from rainfall events.

This data has been used to develop concepts for the diversion of the Tatton drain. A concept is now being developed into a scope of works and costed for construction.

August 2017

Council resolves to progress the detailed design of the Tatton drain diversion.