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10 Mar 2017
This discussion has concluded. The People’s Panel gave detailed feedback on how Council can improve our website, and provide better service to the community online. The results also identified areas that users are currently having difficulty with such as the search function. The search function has since been modified by there are still more improvements to be made. Thanks to the People’s Panel, Council has been able to set priorities more in line with what the community wants, with the most-requested features slated to be developed first.

Council's website receives around 1000 visitors every day, making it one of our most important interfaces with the public. It was last overhauled in 2010, and we are now looking at ways to make it more useful, responsive and secure to meet residents' needs into the future.

We want to find out about the services that matter to you, and listen to your experiences using our site.

This People's Panel consultation comes in two parts:

  • A short survey (5 minutes) to help us find the site's strengths and weaknesses. Click here to access.
  • Discussion below

Discussion starters:

1. These days many government services are available online. It is more and more common for people to do things such as paying their tax, registering a vehicle, applying for a government payment or rebate, and filing Medicare claims online. 

What kind of experience have you had accessing government services online?

What advice would you give to the people who build these websites? And are there examples of really good online services that we should be aware of?

2. If money was no object, what information or service would you love Council to provide to you online (or in an app)?

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Consultation has concluded

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