Long term planning

10 Mar 2017
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Around 25 members attended one of two focus groups held to discuss Council’s long term planning processes. From the Focus groups Council discovered that current satisfaction levels with Council's long term planning was directly related to how involved our community feel in the planning process and how well Council is communicating these key initiatives. Recommendations from the focus groups have already informed initiatives such as the expansion of the People's Panel and the introduction of Facebook, however ultimately the feedback will be used to review Council's Community Engagement strategy in 2017. In the mean team we will concentrate on improving our practice.

In this discussion topic we’re taking a closer look at Council’s long term planning processes and how we can make improvements. Any ideas are welcome!


The Wagga Wagga Community Survey was conducted recently to gather information about how Council is performing as an organisation as well as how we are performing as a community. 

Overall, the results have been quite positive with Council's overall satisfaction lifting, as well as 25/30 service areas meeting at least moderate levels of community satisfaction. 

So what did the survey tell us?

  • 80% of people are somewhat satisfied with Council
  • 94% off people are somewhat satisfied with what we are doing with public art
  • Our community thinks that our cultural facilities, parks and playgrounds and environmental education programs are performing really well.

In terms of community livability:

  • People feel safer in public places compared to 2012
  • Our community is more satisfied with leisure and recreation activities as well as entertainment options 

The key areas for ongoing improvement as identified in the survey include long term planning, consultation with our community and inclusion in decision making as well as the provision of information.

Over to you!

You are invited to discuss these areas for ongoing improvement in person at one of two focus groups.

To get the conversation going now we want to know:

  • What does long term planning mean to you?
  • Why do you think long term planning is important?
  • How do you think Council could improve long term planning processes?
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Consultation has concluded

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