What is the People's Panel?

    The People’s Panel creates a space and opportunities for community members to become involved in the decision making process.

    By taking part, you can help shape Council policy and have a say on projects outside of the traditional public exhibition process.

    We’ll provide a topic or set up a time for you to meet with Council staff and then the conversation begins.

    Who can join?

    We want The People's Panel to be a snapshot of the diverse and vibrant community we live and work in.

    All you have to do is register, allowing you to take part in online discussion and receive email updates when new opportunities arise.

    How will my contribution to the discussion be used?

    Your feedback will help form future Council policy, plans and projects and give us a greater insight into our community.

    The People’s Panel is another way for us to start a conversation with you, outside of the traditional mediums of meetings, letters, the media etc.

    Council will consider the discussion by The People’s Panel, and then provide feedback to the Panel on the final decision made by Council.

    The People’s Panel is not a decision-making body. Council’s aim is to get a diverse opinion from the community on a range of issues.

    We need to collect relevant demographic information when you register for the Panel, which will be held by Council staff and not be disclosed to other parties. Your contact information is for The People’s Panel only.

    Why are you gathering my personal information when I sign up?

    We want the People's Panel to be as representative as possible, so we ask you a series of demographic questions when you sign up. These questions are designed to match the census data that is available about our community (take a look at the Community Profile to see a snapshot of this census data). This will give us an idea about which sections of the community are represented by the panel, and help us to target future recruitment efforts.

    Is my participation anonymous? What personal details will me made public?

    We will never share your name or email address with Councillors or the Public.

    We will make every effort to ensure that the information we share with Councillors and the Public is done so in a way that is unlikely to be traced back to you. Some of the details you give us will be used when relevant, but only in a deidentified way. For example, we might:

    • share details about the makeup of the Panel as a whole. e.g. x% of our panellists live in Kooringal or y number of our panelists cycle to work regularly
    • share a comment anonymously. e.g. One panelist said...
    • include relevant demographic details when appropriate (but still in a deidentified form). e.g. this comment on the playground strategy came from a parent with four children, or all respondents over the age of 65 said they were comfortable with the plan.

    Any posts you make in discussion pages on the People's Panel will have your login name beside them - we recommend you choose to use a login name that does not give away your identity. You can change your Login Name at any time by editing your profile. When logged in, Click on on the account dropdown in the top right-hand corner and select Profile.