January 2020

Rising Main 1 and 2

Replacement of 2km network linking central Wagga with Narung St Treatment Works.

Total cost: $1M (total cost 2019/20 budget)

June 2020

Sewer Pump Station #15

Replacement of rising main connecting Hammond Avenue to Kooringal Sewage Treatment Plant.

June 2020


- Sewer and stormwater jetting and cleaning

- Sewer and stormwater dig outs and pipe replacements

June 2020

Upgrade of Sewer Pump Station #24

Upgrade the capacity of the existing pump station to service a growing population.

June 2020

Stormwater drainage improvements

Jubilee Oval to Red Hill Road to manage stormwater overflow.

June 2020

Improve stormwater drainage

Kincaid St to Flowerdale Pumping Station.

October 2020

Sewer Pump Station #23 Ashmont

New pump station and rising main to service Ashmont.

December 2020

Sewer Pump Station #33

A new service at Harris Rd to service developing estates at Estella Rise.