The shortlist doesn't feature projects that I think are priorities for Wagga Wagga.

    Just because a project isn’t on this list does not mean Council is not seeking funding sources for it elsewhere, where that particular project may have a better chance of being successful due to the specifics of the application criteria.

    If there is another project that you think should be considered you can nominate it for consideration in year two and beyond of the Stronger Country Communities Fund program, or potentially for some of the other funding sources emerging from the State and Federal Governments.

    How were the shortlisted projects determined?

    The shortlist features projects suggested in recent consultations for the Activation Strategy, Recreation and Open Space and Community Strategy (ROSC), the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, visits to local areas in Council’s engagement truck Charlie and other contributions.

    They all meet the selection criteria, such as being between $250,000 and $1M.

    What are the shortlisted projects?

    • Female changing facilities at three sportsgrounds
    • Develop adult laydown change facilities within the CBD for people with a disability  
    • Social Infrastructure for the 9 rural villages in our Community
    • Upgrade and enhance existing parks, playgrounds and community facilities
    • Upgrade amenities at Anderson Oval and Frenchs Fields
    • Install footpaths to connect our communities
    Read the more information about each project here.

    Can’t Council just put in applications for all of the projects on the shortlist?

    While Council would like to apply for all of these projects and will endeavour to apply for as many as possible, the NSW Government has indicated that projects prioritised by the community will be considered favourably in the application review process, with the State's budgetary constraints.

    The strict timeframes set by the NSW Government for applications means Council will prioritise applications for projects according to community preferences.

    What is the funding criteria?

    The Stronger Country Communities Fund targets infrastructure projects in regional NSW to ‘improve the lives of residents and enhance the attractiveness of these areas as vibrant places to live and work'.

    Projects must be between $250,000 and $1M can involve:

    • building new community facilities to be shared by all within the community — such as parks, playgrounds, walking or cycle pathways
    • refurbishing existing local facilities — such as schools and health centres, community centres, libraries
    • enhancing local parks and the supporting facilities — such as kitchens and toilet blocks

    The funding guidelines are available online or as a hard copy by request.

    Can I suggest a new project?


    If you suggest a new project that fits the funding criteria Council will consider it for year two of the SCCF program, or potentially for some of the other funding sources emerging from the State and Federal Governments.

    Nominate a new project here.

    If you already have a shortlist why bother asking for additional suggestions?

    The shortlist identifies projects for the first year of the SCCF program. 

    While these projects have been identified as a result of a consultation through strategic planning processes we want to make sure we haven’t missed anything for future years. 

    Community members will have an option to suggest projects for consideration in year two of the program. 

    People are encouraged to consider the funding criteria before making a new suggestion, and keep in mind that Council is applying for a variety of other projects through multiple funding streams.

    Why isn’t Council seeking community input for all funding applications?

    There is a specific requirement for the community to help prioritise projects identified in the Stronger Country Communities Fund program. 

    The criteria for other applications is more specific in terms of the types of projects that can be applied and while nominated projects reflect the results of community consultation there may not be a requirement to do a prioritisation exercise.