Bulky waste

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Feedback will be collated and considered as part of a report to the September 2015 Council Meeting.

Up until 2011 Council provided a service to urban households where they could place certain unwanted large items up to a total of 100kg on the kerb at a designated time for pick up. 

This service was discontinued due to a large number of complaints that included health and safety concerns. As a result the number of Free Tip Days per year was increased to four. 

There is potential to reinstate the annual kerbside bulky waste collection as a pre-booked service that reduces risk and complaints, and increases satisfaction and potential to recover reusable materials.

How successful do you think the Tip Free Day initiative has been as a replacement for the kerbside bulky waste collection service?

How important would an annual, pre-booked kerbside bulky waste collection service be for your household?

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This consultation has concluded. Please go to the website for information on the new kerbside waste collection service.

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