Wagga View turns 1!

Wagga View Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, Wagga View!

On 9 March 2018, we celebrated the first birthday of our Community Strategic Plan: Wagga View 2040. The celebrations included a jumping castle and plenty of cake, with lots of fun had by those who will gain the most from our plan in the future - the children.

We used this opportunity to reflect with our community partners; Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre, Cricket NSW, Eastern Riverina Arts and Women in Business Wagga Wagga on just what has been achieved in the City over the last 12 months - and there has been a lot.

Council Achievements

Since the endorsement of the Community Strategic Plan, a range of new strategies and plans have been created to help us make Wagga View 2040 a reality. More than 2,400 community responses from the original Wagga View consultation were used in the creation of the following Council plans and strategies:

  • Crime Prevention Plan 2021
  • The soon to be adopted Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy

These plans and strategies, which encompass our community principles of thriving, innovative, connected and inclusive, provide us with a clear direction for how we are going to create the future we have aspired to in Wagga View 2040. We have exciting times ahead of us, as these plans have helped Council secure over $13 million in funding, including the $11.7 million we received earlier this year for the implementation of the Active Travel Plan.

Inclusivity was a topic that was constantly talked about during our initial community consultations, with a lot of people having great ideas about how we can make our community more inclusive. Wagga, we heard you. Over the last 12 months there has been a big focus on making our City more inclusive with year one actions from the Disability Inclusion Action Plan being implemented and the launch of the Livvi's playground inclusive play space due for completion later this year.

Community Partner Achievements

Our partners, who signed on to help us deliver on the outcomes listed in the Community Strategic Plan, have also had a very busy year since the plan was endorsed.

Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre

In the last year, Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre have really showcased their facility, holding a range of new events that have led to an increase in participation in sport. In particular, their seniors’ events and the Mums and Bubs event were both highly successful, and truly showcased the benefit of sport and recreation for these targeted groups.

Cricket NSW

Cricket NSW also had a very big year in encouraging our diverse community's participation in sport. Not only did they partner with Council to run inclusive programs such as the multicultural in2cricket centres - run for kids from refugee backgrounds - but they have also played a big role in increasing the participation of women and girls in sports in Wagga. In the last year, they have facilitated the Thunder Girls Cricket Leagues, school based Gala days, and a Women in Sport forum.

Cricket NSW has also helped us live up to our reputation as the City of good sport by helping us attract premier sporting events. Last year the partnership between Cricket NSW and Council saw two Women’s Big Bash League games come to the City, with our first class sporting facilities being a catalyst for the Sydney Thunder agreeing to play in Wagga Wagga again.

Eastern Riverina Arts

In the past year, Eastern Riverina Arts played a significant role in helping the City become a centre for art and culture. They supported a number of local artists through Outspoken, an evening of performance, poetry and music. The event featured local artists Zohan Zee Khan, Jackie Okot and Damien Evans. Eastern Riverina Arts also exhibited nine local artists in the window gallery of their premises, adding to the vibrancy of Fitzmaurice Street.

Eastern Riverina Arts also supported our local artists by guiding them through the process of applying for grant funding, facilitating meetings between artists and funding/advocacy organisations, and providing subsidised attendance to Artstate, an annual conference hosted by Regional Arts NSW.

Women in Business Wagga Wagga

Women in Business Wagga Wagga have played a big role in encouraging and supporting our local business women this past year. They provided essential mentoring opportunities through their Mentoring Program. The program is designed to help local women with career progression, developing skills in leadership and problem-solving, and helps women build confidence and self-esteem. The program, which continues to grow, had over 40 female leaders participate.

Women in Business Wagga also provide regular networking opportunities, which allow women to meet, and collaborate with, other local businesses. They also recognise and promote successful business women in the region through the “Hear Them Roar” video series. Covering a range of industries and professions the videos not only inspire, but also promote the benefits of living and doing business regionally.

Wagga Wagga, it’s been a big year for us and these are just some of the achievements we have made in working towards our future. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are excited for what the next year will bring. We would like to thank our community partners for all their great work. We are looking forward to continuing our partnerships with them, as well as developing new partnerships to help us make our Wagga View a reality.

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